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College Inorganic Chemistry (Mumbai Univ)


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We have great pleasure to publish the present edition of the book for F.Y. B.Sc. Students. This book is written as per the revised syllabus for CBCS prescribed by the University of Mumbai which comes into effect from the academic year 2016-2017. This book is written with efforts to reach to the students and teachers, not only to impart the knowledge but to create an interest to learn chemistry more and more. We tried our best to simplify the comparatively difficult topic of ‘Atomic Structure’, Where quantum mechanics approach is introduced ‘Chemical Bonding’ ‘Oxidation-Reduction Chemistry’. This year completely new approach to molecular geometry and shapes of the molecules, on the basis of valence shell electron pair repulsion theory without hybridisation is introduced. To explain it, number of illustrations are considered and thoroughly explained with diagrams. Also, comparatively chemistries of main group elements and compounds of group 1 and group 2 are included in the syllabus this year. It is very vast and we have tried our best to give it in a logical and lucid style.

All the topics are discussed keeping in mind the syllabus and numbers of lectures alloted. A number of questions are given in the question bank at the end of each chapter.


Contents :

Semester I – Paper I
1. Atomic Structure
2. Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties
Semester I – Paper II
3. Comparative Chemistry of Main Group
4. (A) Comparative Chemistry of Carbides, Nitrides, Oxides and Hydrides of Group 1 and 2 Elements
(B) Some Important Compounds
5. Environmental Chemistry of (A) Oxides of Carbon, Sulphur and Nitrogen (B) Oxyacids of Sulphur and Nitrogen
Semester II – Paper I
6. Concepts of Qualitative Analysis
7. Acid-Base Theories
Semester II – Paper II
8. Chemical Bond and Reactivity
9. Oxidation-Reduction Chemistry
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Beena Arora,

Chhaya Dixit,

K.V.S. Laxmidevi,

Rajeshwari A. Mirji,

S. P. Turakhia


Himalaya pub