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College Inorganic Chemistry T.Y.B.Sc. (Mumbai Univ)


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We have great pleasure in presenting this thirtieth edition of the book for T.Y. B.Sc. students, written as per the syllabus with choice based semester and grading system laid down by the university of Mumbai. This New Choice Based Semester and Grading system of the syllabus comes into effect from the academic year 2018-2019.

Great care has been taken to elucidate the fundamental concepts of each topic and wherever possible they are related to their position in the periodic table. Every effort has been made to present the subject-matter systematically in a logical and lucid style. The topics are explained, keeping in mind the syllabus and the lectures allotted. A number of questions are given at the end of each chapter, Even the difficult topics are explained in a very simplified way with a number of examples so that students will find them easier and interesting . A number of problems are included in the topic of “Structure of Solids.” SI Units have been used throughout the book.

The full syllabus prescribed by University of Mumbai is given in the beginning. But the topics are divided as per semester system and are given separately under semester V and semester VI, chapterwise, to enable the students to locate easily a particular topic. In some chapters, the order of some subtopics is changed, for better understanding of the topic.



Semester V
Unit 1 : Molecular Symmetry and Chemical Bonding

1.Molecular Symmetry

2.Molecular Orbital Theory for Heteronuclear Diatomic Molecules and Polyatomic Species
Unit 2 : Solid State Chemistry

3.Structures of Solids
Unit 3 : Chemistry of Inner Transition Elements

4.Inner Transition Elements
Unit 4 : Some Selected Topics

5.Chemistry of Non-aqueous Solvents
Semester VI
Unit 1 : Theories of the Metal – ligand Bond (I)

1.Theories of the Metal-Ligand Bond
Unit 2 :Theories of the Metal – ligand Bond (II)

2.Molecular Orbital Theory for Coordination Compounds

3.Stablility of Metal Complexes
Unit 3 : Organometallic Chemistry

4.Organometallic Compounds of Main Group Elements
Unit 4 : Some Selected Topics



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Beena Arora,

Chhaya Dixit,

K.V.S. Laxmidevi,

Rajeshwari A. Mirji,

S. P. Turakhia,

V. Lakshmi Prasuna


Himalaya pub