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College Physical Chemistry (Mumbai Univ)


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It gives a sense of satisfaction to the authors to bring out this fourteenth edition of the book written as per the revised syllabus for F.Y. B.Sc. classes laid down by the University of Mumbai which is in force from June 2002. The primary interest of the authors has been to present the subject matter with simplicity and clarity. Facts and concepts have been illustrated with a large number of solved problems.

According to the revised syllabus, use of S.I. Units has been made throughout. The outstanding feature of this book is a brief note on S.I. Units with their notations and their values which have been given before the first chapter. Also the questions, and problems given at the end of each chapter will be most useful to the students to prepare for their examinations.

Valuable suggestions and criticisms for the improvement of the book from our colleagues who are teaching this course will be highly appreciated.

Book Content of College Physical Chemistry
Term − I (Unit − I)
1. Study of States of Matter
2. Thermodynamics
3. Presentation of Experimental Data
Term − II (Unit − II)
1. Chemical Kinetics
2. Photochemistry
3. Chemical Calculations
4. Introduction to Molecular Spectroscopy

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Twenty Six, Nineteenth, Twentyninth

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2012, 2022





K. B. Baliga,

S. A. Zaveri


Himalaya pub