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College Practical Chemistry (Mumbai Univ)


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We are very pleased and feel honoured to bring out this Twentyfourth Edition of T.Y. B.Sc. Chemistry Practicals Book for the students of Mumbai University (2018-19).

University has made changes in the Syllabus. In Inorganic Chemistry Section, Gravimetric / Volumetric Estimations are removed.

After a long time, Qualitative Analysis of the mixture containing two cations and two anions, is introduced. Mixture may contain one cation as a major component which is to be estimated as quantitative estimation preferably volumetric estimations. The other cation and the anions are to be estimated as qualitative analysis, without the help of H2S gas. Even the percentage purity of the major cation is to be determined.

In Organic Chemistry Section, the analysis of binary mixture is modified. Mixture containing solid-solid components is included in Semester V. Likewise, mixture containing liquid-liquid and liquidsolid components, is included in Semester VI.

In Physical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry Sections, there is no much additions or subtractions.


Contents –

I. Colligative Properties
II. Chemical Kinetics
III. Surface Phenomena
IV. Potentiometry
V. Conductometry
VI. pH-Metry
VII. Inorganic Preparations
VIII. Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Mixtures
IX. Separation of Binary Solid-Solid Mixtures
X. Spectrophotometry
XI. Analysis of Commercial Samples
XII. Water Analysis
XIII. Flame Photometry
XIV. Turbidimetry
I. Chemical Kinetics
II. Viscosity
III. Potentiometry
IV. Conductometry
V. Colorimetry
VI. Inorganic Preparations
VII. Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Mixtures
VIII. Separation of Organic Liquid-Liquid and Liquid-Solid Mixtures
IX. Spectrophotometry
X. Analysis of Commercial Samples
XI. ION Exchange Separations
XII. Potentiometry
XIII. pH-Metry



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Twentyfifth, Thirtieth

Year of publication

2023, 2018


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D.S. Pimple,

H.N. Patel,

K.P. Jain,

R.S. Yamgar,

S. P. Turakhia,

S. R. Puniyani


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