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College Zoology Paper II


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The present title been carefully compiled and edited to meet the long felt needs of undergraduate studies and their teachers. The material presented in the following pages will afford the student and researcher in the subject a comprehensive view and appropriate background material for focused studies. The primary aim throughout has been clarity, simplicity and the high standard.

Efforts have been made to summarize the basic concept and principles of the subject, to present the elementary factual information with which a person to be competent in the field should be familiar, and to show how these principles and facts may be applied in a practical way to the interests and welfare of man.

The present title has been designed to approaches the morphology, anatomy, physiology and development of the selected type in a very simple and lucid style. The method of presentation is very clear and systematic, which can be easily followed by an educated layman. It is an adequate text for all requirement in this area for the undergraduate students. It is our earnest hope that this book will be of great value to all our students.

Book Content of College Zoology Paper II


  1. Chemical Bonds
  2. Water
  3. Metabolism
  4. Protein Synthesis
  5. Biotechnology
  6. DNA Cloning and Fingerprints
  7. Transgenic Organisms
  8. Plant Biotechnology
  9. Vaccine Biotechnology
  10. Bioinformatics
  11. Sex Determination
  12. Sex Linked Inheritance
  13. Multiple Alleles and Blood Groups
  14. Quantitative Inheritance
  15. Linkage
  16. Crossing Over
  17. Chromosome Maps
  18. Reproductive System
  19. Meiosis
  20. Population Genetics
  21. Inbreeding, Outbreeding and Hybrid Vigour
  22. Variation
  23. Mutations
  24. Natural Selection
  25. Speciation
  26. Isolation



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