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College Zoology (Volume – II)


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The “College Zoology (Volume II)” has been published with an objective to quench the knowledge of degree course students in various aspects needless to mention, the book has been concise without going into unnecessary ins and outs. Simultaneously, a rigorous and a proficient approach in undertaken to keep pace with the current era.

This volume compasses of chordates (functional anatomy), ecology, animal behaviour, biodiversity, wildlife, endocrinology, animal physiology and biochemistry with twenty two chapters. Since biodiversity, protection of wild lives specially rare and endangered species and pollution important in the world of life science, much light has been throw on these topics.

Assassination of “Things to Remember” and “Questionnaire” provided at the end of each chapter are perhaps the best way of placing one`s understanding of a subject on a solid foundation. This will invoke stimuli among the students to assess themselves at each step.


Contents :

1. Classification
2. Functional Anatomy
3. Integument and Its Derivatives in Vertebrates
4. Digestive System: Structure and Functions of Pharynx (Branchiostoma) and Stomach (Columba and Bos)
5. Respiratory Structure and Respiration
6. Blood Circulatory System
7. Excretory System
8. Nervous System of Guineapig (Cavia porcellus)
9. Ecosystem
10. Population Ecology: Properties and Growth
11. Community Ecology: Stratification and Niche Concept; Resource Partitioning and Species Diversity
12. Biodiversity and Biodiversity Hotspots
13. Pollution
14. Social Behaviour of Honey Bee
15. Wildlife Conservation
16. Basic Idea of Ecotoxicology and Xenobiotics; Concept of EIA
17. Endocrine System in Insects and Mammal (Human)
18. Blood: Composition (Vertebrate Blood); Clotting and Coagulation of Blood ABO Blood Group and Rh Factor
19. Enzyme: Classification and Characteristics; Mechanism of Enzyme Action; Effect on Enzymatic Action
20. Classification of Carbohydrate, Protein and Lipid; Concept of Glycolysis (aerobic, anaerobic and fermentation); Glycogenesis and Neoglucogenesis
21. Physiology of Nerve Impulse and Synaptic Transmission
22. Osmoconformers and Osmoregulators; Osmoregulation in Fishes


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