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Marketing Non-Profit Organisations

With the passage of time, the contours of development have undergone radical transformation. Non-stop inventions and innovations by the human brains have opened new vistas of developments in almost all the areas. As time passes, the prescriptions become ineffective. This necessitates new definitions because the individuals or institutions conceptualising latest developments start establishing an edge over those delaying or denying or discarding the application. Professional excellence starts getting a transcendental priority and if we devalue its significance, we are found to be strategically and tactically deficient which in due course make us potentially weak and force us to bid a final goodbye. A majority of us even till now feel that marketing professionals have no role to play in the non-business sector. Keeping in view the evolving developments during the yester years, we need to change our perception because the contemporary marketing principles and more so social marketing principles have considerably benefited the non-profit organisations particularly in the developed countries of the globe where they have been found at the stage of maturity.

For the development of national economy, it is imperative that our policy makers and corporate boardrooms assign due weightage to the formation of social capital. This makes a strong advocacy in favour of non-business sector clubbing a number of organisations such as Religious Organisations, Social Organisations, Cultural Organisations, Knowledge Organisations, Protective Organisations, Philanthropic Organisations, Political Organisations, and Social Cause Organisations. The depleted conditions of educational institutions and hospitals and health care centres, the tarnished image of political parties, the increasing donination of trade associations and unions, the mounting image problem before the state managed police department and contracting social responsiveness in almost all the organisations are a staunch testimony to this proposition that a big push theory can only bring the derailed systems back on the rail. The marketing professionals know the art of dancing in tune with the changing conditions and therefore conceptualising social marketing principles by the non-profit organisations requires top priority.

The present book is a modest attempt to study the marketing of non-profit organisations found almost in a dying condition. They need priority attention on service quality so that the process of social capital formation gains a rapid momentum. Since we find a significant increase in the levels of expectations of almost all the segments, the professionals need due focus on behavioural studies. We need to make the non-profit organisations potentially sound which require world-class services of marketing professionals.

With the help of fifteen chapters, e.g., the Foundation of Marketing Non-profit Organisations, Key Elements in Marketing Non-profit Organisations, Management of Non-profit Organisations, Total Quality Management Concept in Non-profit Organisations, Education Marketing, Hospital Marketing, Political Marketing, Marketing for Trade Unions, Marketing Trade Associations, Marketing Fire Services, Marketing for NGOs, Marketing for Red Cross Services, Marketing Police Services, Marketing for Religious Organisations, and Emerging Challenges before Non-profit Organisations, the present revised and enlarged edition of the book engineers a sound foundation for the development of social services sector offering services of critical importance without which our efforts for the transformation of social capital would show a lukewarm response. This book would be helpful to the MBA students, Marketing Professionals, Social Reformists, Political Leaders, Trade Associations, Police Officers, Religious Organisations, Red Cross and many others who nurture special interest in the process of social transformation.

Contents :

1. The Foundation of Marketing Non-Profit Organisations
2. Key Elements in Marketing Non-Profit Organisations
3. Management of Non-Profit Organisations
4. Total Quality Management Concept in Non-Profit Organisations
5. Education Marketing
6. Hospital Marketing
7. Political Marketing
8. Marketing For Trade Unions
9. Marketing For Trade Associations
10. Marketing Fire Fighting Services
11. Marketing For NGOs
12. Marketing Red Cross Services
13. Marketing Police Services
14. Marketing Religious Services
15. Emerging Challenges Before Non-Profit Organisations


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Dr. S.M. Jha


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