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Commercial Viability


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The financial position of majority of the State Road Transport Corporations is very precarious.

Of the reasons for this situation is the very poor financial performance of the Corporations which in turn is affected adversely by a large number of both the internal and external factors. The present Book analyses, evaluates and quantifies the financial implications of five important policy-decisions of the Governments on the commercial viability and financial feasibility of the Corporations. Operation of Uneconomical Schedules, Continuously increasing Motor*Vehicle Tax, Extension of Concessional Travel Facility to certain sections of the travelling public, Operation of Urban Transport Services and Uneconomical Fare Revision Policy are the important policy-decisions studied thoroughly in this Book. The Book discusses how the Commercial Viability of State Road Transport Corporations has been impaired by some the decisions unilaterally taken by the Governments and thrust upon the poor Corporations.

The Book is designed to provide a satisfactory theoretical as well as empirical framework on the subject of Commercial Viability of SRTCs. It is a pool of abundant and useful data on the issues the same systematically to highlight the implications of Governments` policies, decisions, directions, instructions, etc. A distinguishing feature of the Book is the emphasis on the realistic approach. The Book, therefore, contributes significantly to the existing literature and knowledge in this particular area. The Book is useful for the Transport Corporations, Governments, Educational and Research Institutions of different Universities, Researchers, etc.

Contents :

1. Passenger Road Transport in India
2. Research Design
3. Performance Evaluation of SRTCs in India
4. Impact of Concessional Travel Facility on Commercial Viability of SRTCs
5. Urban and Hill-Region Operations and Commercial Viability of SRTCs
6. Operation of Uneconomical Schedules
7. Fare Revision Policy
8. Motor Vehicle Taxation Policy
9. Summary of Major Findings, Suggestions and Conclusions


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