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Company Law (Mysore Univ)


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The Companies Act which governs the corporate activities was first introduced in 1913 and it was repealed in 1956 which contained 658 sections and 15 schedules. This Act regulated every activity of corporate world. With the growth of Indian economy, particularly after the adoption of GLP policy, 1956 Act could not give more space despite the fact that several amendments were made to run the corporate world on sound lines. Necessity arose to repeal the 1956 Act and on 8th August 2013, Rajya Sabha approved new Companies Act.

The Companies Act, 2013, Contains 29 chapters 470 sections and 7 schedules. The new Act is considered as historic changes in disclosure norms, e-management, role and liabilities of auditors , compliance and enforcement, mergers and acquisitions are significant. New aspects Such as Corporate Social Responsibility, One-person Company, Small Companies, Dormant Companies, class action suits and many other new aspects related to good corporate practices are also introduced to promote more ethical practices and good governance in the Indian Corporate world.

This title Company Law is written as per the provisions of Companies Act, 2013 and covers the information about the formation, of a company , documents to be produced at the time of registration, prospects, financing of companies, membership and company, documents to be produced at the time of registration, prospects, financing of companies, membership and company meetings.



Chapter 1. Company – Overview
Chapter 2. Company Formation
Chapter 3. Corporate Social Responsibility
Chapter 4. Memorandum of Association
Chapter 5. Articles of Association
Chapter 6. Prospectus
Chapter 7. Capital and Financing of Companies
Chapter 8. Membership of A Company
Chapter 9. Company Meetings
Chapter 10. Meeting of Board of Directors
Chapter 11. Annual General Meeting
Chapter 12. Extra-Ordinary General Meeting



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