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Compensation and Performance Management (Sem 6, BBA, BCU, NEP)


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Human resources of an organisation can do anything to develop the organisation. They are the most important asset of the company. The most important economic resource of a nation is its manpower or otherwise called human resources. Business and other entities have to utilize the human resources for their success. Organisations cannot run without the help of human resources.

The size of the organisation decides the quantity of human resources to be recruited and placed. People so placed are given a consideration for their work in the form of monetary and non monetary aspects, which is called “Compensation”. Compensation management is a challenging task for HR Managers of an organisation. In order to fix compensation, they have to analyse job profile at different levels of the organisation. While defining the job at different levels, organisation’s culture, need for the job etc., are considered and fair wage or salary has to be fixed. After fixing salary slab for each level, the organisation has to periodically review the compensation payment and enhance it. Compensation in terms of money will not be increased on adhoc basis. Performance of each employee working at different levels will be appraised and on the basis of performance, salary or wage will be increased.

This book “Compensation and Performance Management” is produced considering two vital aspects of HR Management viz. Compensation and Performance appraisal. This covers topics such as “Job evaluation”, “wage and Salary Administration”, “Performance Management” and “Team Performance Management”. These topics cover the syllabus of Bengaluru City University offering subject for BBA course.

Contents –

1. Compensation
2. Compensation Management – Overview
3. Job – Related Information
4. Job Evaluation
5. Wage Administration
6. Salary Administration
7. Performance Management
8. Performance Appraisal Methods
9. Team Performance Management


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H.A. Bhaskara,

Madhu S.,

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah


Himalaya pub


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