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Consumer Behaviour and Emerging Practices in Marketing


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Marketing is increasingly becoming important in today`s competitive global village. At the same time, marketing is undergoing profound changes, both as an academic field, and as a practicing function. Environmental forces such as information and communication technology, and globalization are affecting marketing to a great extent. The perspective of marketing is changing from a goods dominant field to an experience dominant area. The resources and the mindset required to create experiences are going to be different from those required to create products and services. Marketers have to think more and more about creating holistic experiences, rather than just disjointed set of customer interactions.

Emerging media has changed the paradigm of marketing by making customers active participants in creation, dissemination, and consumption of marketing messages and offerings. Customers are gradually gaining more control on content and delivery of the firm`s offering. Marketing professionals now have the task of engaging the customers. New areas of study are emerging that explore the brain`s responses to advertisement, brands, and the messages. Technology is pervading many of the hitherto human interfaces of marketing. It is playing a greater role in the effective acquisition, consumption, and disposal of an offering. Society looks forward to business for delivering goods, services and experiences in a manner that is beneficial to all the stakeholders of the society. With increasing awareness, marketing practice has to give more attention to such demands of the society.

This book is compiled in four sections, the papers which are in the domain of consumer behavior. The first section `Consumer Behaviour` has eleven papers. The second section of the book `Managing Internal Customers` has seven papers. The Third section `Marketing to Rural Consumers` has five papers. The fourth section of the book `Societal and Green Marketing` has seven papers.

Contents :

I : Consumer Behaviour
1. Study of Online Trust and Perceived Risk on Attitude towards Internet Banking Usage in India
Nirav Halvadia, Vipul Patel, Shekha Patel
2. A Study of Internet Search Behaviour of Engineering Students in Manipal
Sidharth Panigrahi, Vinod Madhavan
3. Impact of Customer?s Impulse Buying Tendency on Frequency of Impulse Buying for Branded Apparels.
− A.C. Brahmbhatt, Mitesh M. Jayswal, Rachita Jayswal
4. Study on Consumer Perception and Buyer Behaviour: A Case Study of Non – Alcoholic Refreshment Drinks in the Indian Market.
Gagan Katiyar, Nistha Trehan
5. An Empirical Study of B School’s Students Buying Behaviour towards Online Shopping
Nirav R.Joshi, Jaydeep Badiyani
6. Relationship between Customer Attitudes and Buying Behaviour for Ready to Eat (RTE) Product in Jammu Region.
Hari Govind Mishra, Surabhi Koul
7. An Assessment of Consumer Sentiments towards Internet Marketing Practices
Pragya Jaroliya, Deepak Jaroliya, Dharmendra Sharma
8. Customer’s Preference for Fuel Type − A Study of Medium Segment Cars in Ahmedabad City
Maulik R.Desai, Anjali Gokhru
9. Study of Consumer Perception Towards Mutual Fund Investment in Bangalore Rural
U.Bhojanna, I.G.Srikanth, Abhishek Tiwari
10. Neuro − marketing and Buyer’s Decision Making Process
Neha Hamilton
11. Perceived Trust towards Social Networking Sites − An Empirical Study
− Dhiraj Jain, Farhat Fatima Sadriwala

II : Managing Internal Customers
12. A Relative Study of Employee Attitude toward Work and Achievement Motivation in View of PPCP in Governance of Higher Education
Saroj Sharma
13. A Comparative Study of Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction in Selected Hospitals of Ahmedabad
Sameer Sudhakar Pingle, Ana Joshi
14. Job Satisfaction: A Tool for Internet Marketing
Anita Singh, Timira Shukla, Vidya Sekhri
15. Identification and Exploration of the Employee Attrition: A Case Analysis at Paradeep Phosphate Limited (PPL)
Subrat Kumar Parida, Sarita Nayak
16. An Inquiry into Employee Engagement and Organizational Practices in the Banking Sector.
Amrita Bihani
17. Role of Mentoring and Culture in Strategic Alliances
Debjani R.Dass
18. Study of Social Media Marketing in Automation B2B Organisations
Anurodhsingh Khanuja, Hima Trivedi
III : Marketing to Rural Consumers
19. Creating Virtuous Spirals through Private Sector Partnership in Handicraft Sector
Vaishali Padhiar, Renuka Garg
20. An Empirical Study on Market Potential of Eco and Chulha in Anand and Gandhinagar Region
Bindiya Kunal Soni, Jigna Trivedi
21. An Empirical Study on Rudi Multi Trading Company Limited (RMTCL): An Initiative to Empower Rural Women, Rural Retailing and Customers
Jigna Trivedi, Bindiya Kunal Soni
22. Marketing Chocolates to Rural India
Priya Kumari, Jay Prakash Gopal
23. Lessons for Rural Marketers: An Empirical Investigation of Rural Consumers’ Purchase Pattern of an FMCG Product
Jasmin Padiya, Chintan Pala
IV : Societal and Green Marketing
24. Societal Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility: An Empirical Study
Sweta Singh, Yogesh Singh
25. Marketing in Unorganised Sector − Special Reference to Women Fish Vendors
Shilpa Bhatt, Shruti Shah
26. Corporate Environmental Responsibility: An Attitudinal and Behavioural Analysis of Indian Consumers
Sweta Singh, R.K.Lodhwal
27. Corporate Social Responsibility: A Green Approach
Gaurav Kartikey, Prerna Jain
28. Measuring Awareness and Preferences of Real Estate Developers for Green Buildings over Conventional Buidings
Chitra Patel, Pawan Kumar Chugan
29. Evolution and Practice of Green Marekting in India
Kalagi Shah, Gurmeet Singh H.
30. Corporate Venture Capital Industry: Issues, Practices and Marketing Strategies
Hetal Jhaveri, Anjali Choksi


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