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Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Communication


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This Textbook is written exclusively for students pursuing MBA, where, `Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Communication` is offered as a subject (UPTU course).

This textbook is a modest attempt to help MBA students (under the UPTU course) develop an understanding about all the facets which go into the complex buying behavior displayed by the consumers at the marketplace . this book is as per the prescribed University syllabus.

The material used in the book is obtained from various secondary sources such as books, periodicals ,journals, etc. Considerable efforts have been put to ensure that the material presented in the book is in a style that is simple to understand,readable and interesting to help students get an easy grasp of the matter whenever possible, the subject matter has been supported by Indian examples Every chapter ends with a “Summary” and `chapter questions for Discussion`.The Activity mentioned towards the end of each chapter will help students to have a practical view of the topic discussed.


Book Content of Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Communication
Unit-I: Introduction
1. Introduction to Consumer Behaviour
2. Understanding Consumer and market segments
3. Cultuure and Sub-Cultural Influence on Consumer Behaviour
4. Social Class Influences
5. Reference Group and Family Influence
6. Personal Influence and Diffusion of Innovations
Unit-II: Individual Determinants of Consumer Behaviour
7. Motivation, Personality and Self Concept
8. Consumer Learning, Perception, Attitude Formation and Change
9. Consumer Decision-Making Process
10. Consumer Behaviour Models
11. Consumerism
12. Organisational Buying Behaviour
Unit-III: Communication
13. Communication-Concept

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Dr. Niraj Kumar,

Dr. Suja R. Nair


Himalaya pub