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Contemporary Issues (Mumbai Univ)


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With the growing channels of connect, different society around the globe have become very narrow and easily accessible as well as engaged. Cultures are emerging and diffusing with each other. New trends of communication are playing an important role in transiting a traditional society into a modern society. Role of mass media in society cannot be neglected or eliminated. The association of media with society is growing in its importance through its involvement in every stage of societal development and growth. With the help of contemporary issues such as global warming, laws and legislature and many more, it is becoming easier to understand ourselves better, since these issues examine how the world is influenced and it becomes easier to know the situation.

The subject matter of these contemporary issues are diverse, ranging from crime to climate change, from the acts to the state, to the divisions of SEZ and MIDC and from police reforms to terrorism. Unifying the study of these diverse subjects as ‘contemporary issues’, makes it easier to understanding how human action and consciousness are shaped in the society and makes one well aware of the numerous diverse trends around the world.

The book “Contemporary Issues” brings about a complete understanding of various associated concepts and topics that are contemporary in nature, along with their importance to mass media. The logical analysis of concepts for better understanding, analysis, and interpretation of contemporary issues around the world and India are achieved in this book.

Through analytical presentation and holistic approach, this book has been designed as a textbook for students of Mass Media and/or Contemporary Issues with reference to its importance to mass media. It is written in accordance with the prescribed syllabus given by the University of Mumbai.


Contents –

Module 1
1. Climate Change and Global Warming
2. Deforestation
3. Coastal Regulatory Zone (CRZ)
4. Sustainable Development
5. Movements Related to Environmental Protection
Module 2
6. Human Rights
7. women Rights
8. Child Rights
9. Education
10. National Health Policy 2015
Module 3
11. Crime and Politics
12. Corruption
13. Whistle Blowers
14. Anti-state Violence
15. Insurgency with Reference to North East
16. Terrorism
Module 4
17. The Role of MIDC in the Ecomomic Development of Maharashtra
18. Special Economic Zone (SEZ)
19. Food Security Act 2013
20. Agrarian Issues in Maharashtra
Module 5
21. Tribal Issues
22. Police Reforms
23. Illegal Immigration from Bangladesh
24. Developmental Issues


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