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Cost Accounting (Mumbai Univ)


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It is a matter of great pleasure to present this new edition of the book on “Cost Accounting” to the students and teachers of S.Y. BBI Semester IV started by University of Mumbai. This book is written on lines of syllabus instituted by the university. The book presents the subject matter ina simple and convincing language.

In keeping with the aims of the book, we have attempted to present the text in a lucid and simple style; the treatment is comprehensive and by and large non-mathematical. Another notable feature of this volume is that the discussions of the concepts and theories are invariably followed by exhaustive illustrative problems. To test the understanding of the readers as also to enable them to have sufficient practice, a large number of exercises have also been given at the end of the chapters.

The syllabus contains a list of the topics covered in each chapter which will avoid the controversies regarding the exact scope of the syllabus. The text follows the term wise, chaptertopic pattern as prescribed in the syllabus. I have preferred to give the text of the section and rules as it is and thereafter added the comments with the intention of explaining the subject to the students in a simplified language. While making an attempt to explain in a simplified language, any mistake of interpretation might have crept in.


Contents –

1. Cost Concepts
2. Reconciliation
3. Process Costing
4. Operating Costing
5. Contract Costing
6. Budgetary Control
7. Fire Insurance Claims
8. Standard Costing


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Dr.Nishikant Jha,

Nirav Goda


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