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Engineering Economics and Costing


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Every organisation tries to take decision in such a way that its cost will minimize and return maximize. There will be many alternatives in front of an organisation, but it has to choose the best project. There are several types of questions which an organisation faces in its strategic and operational environment. These questions can be answered through Engineering Economics and Costing. Engineering Economics and Costing is a combination of both concepts of Economics and Costing in the field of Industrial Engineering.

This book has been prepared as per the syllabus of BPUT (Engineering & MCA) and it contains nineteen chapters. It covers all the relevant concepts of basic economics, costing financial system etc. At the end of each chapter, Questions have been given. The interest rates table has also been provided in the book for guidance of students. Any suggestions for improving the contents will be warmly appreciated.

Contents :

1. Introduction to Engineering Economics
2. Market Demand Analysis
3. Elasticity of Demand
4. Supply Analysis
5. Elasticity of Supply
6. Market Morphology
7. Competitive Equilibrium Price
8. Production Analysis
9. The Cost Concept and Classification
10. Time Value of Money
11. Evaluation of Engineering Projects
12. Analysis of Public Project
13. Depreciation Accounting
14. Cost Concept and Elements of Cost
15. Cost Sheet
16. Break-Even Analysis
17. Commercial Banks
18. Reserve Bank of India
19. The Financial System in India


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Dr. D.M. Mithani,

S. C. Das


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