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Cost Accounting


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The subject Cost Accounting is an important tool for management to plan and control the cost. It provides various methods to reduce the cost right from the purchase of raw materials to the final production. It operates the cost in small elements to reduce the cost of production. In competitive market it is a must for the business units, to reduce the cost of production. It also helps for the quality output through various management decisions.

This book written by me is an additional contribution in the existing vast number of books of this kind. This book explains the concepts and theories in a systematic and organized manner through fourteen chapters. This book contains a lot of illustrations to explains the concepts and theories in all chapters. It also contains multiple choice questions, theory question and problems with answers insufficient number. Hence, it will satisfy the academic community concerned with commerce and management to the maximum extent.

Book Content of Cost Accounting
1. Introduction
2. Material
3. Labour
4. Overheads
5. Single or Output Costing
6. Job Costing, Batch Costing and Contract Costing
7. Operating or Service Costing
8. Cost Leader Accounting
9. Integrated Accounting System
10. Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts
11. Marginal Costing
12. Standard Costing
13. Budget and Budgetary Control
14. Social Cost Benefit Analysis
15. Cost Audit



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