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Cost and Management Accounting

In the era of liberalization, privatisation and globalisation, cost competitiveness of business organisations has an important role in their working and viability. Cost and Management Accounting both provide necessary tools and techniques for improving managerial effectiveness. With the help of cost and management accounting, professional managers can easily formulate pricing policy and plan for profits of their of organisations. Present literature on cost and management accounting fails to provide an effective and lucid theoretical analysis of cost and management accounting concepts. Theoretical literature available on the subject are quite scanty and scattered. Keeping these requirements in mind, the present book has tried to incorporate the cost and management accounting concepts and practices in proper perspective. It focuses on the theoretical analysis of various cost and management accounting systems supported by solved practical problems. With these features, the book has developed a sound base for easy and better understanding of the subject among the professional students. The book will be useful to the students of CA, ICWA, CS and MBA programme and they will find it interesting to expose themselves in theory and practice of cost and management accounting.

Contents :

1 : Introduction
2 : Materials
3 : Labour
4 : Overheads
5 : Output or Unit Costing
6 : Job and Batch Costing
7 : Contract Costing
8 : Process Costing
9 : Joint Products and Byproducts
10 : Service Costing
11 : Reconciliation of Cost Accounts with Financial Accounts
12 : Marginal Costing
13 : Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
14 : Differential Costing and Incremental Costing
15 : Budgeting and Budgetary Control
16 : Standard Costing and Variance Analysis
17 : Responsibility Accounting
18 : Transfer Pricing
19 : Activity Based Costing
20 : Value Chain Analysis
21 : Target Costing
22 : Life Cycle Costing




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Dr. Mata Badal Shukla


Himalaya pub