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Creativity in Education


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Creativity is something for people at all levels! This tiny book looks at creativity in the context of education, on issue of great significance to teacher, students and their parents. It considers and answers the questions like.

What is creativity?
Who is a creative person?
How does it work?
Which methods are adopted in fostering creativity in children?
What is its connection with intelligence as well as motivation?

Creativity has remained an evergreen topic in education in schools as well as colleges. To speak the truth, this is a useful book for any layman like students as well as student teachers. This book provides teachers as well as teacher-educators at all levels with the guidelines for fostering, etc. ability in classroom teaching. It will really act as an interesting book for many.

Without question, this book is most comprehensive and well-written. It will not be an exaggeration to say that this book acts like a student-friendly text. Each chapter helps the readers in assessing their understanding of the concepts and procedures that it covers.


Contents –

1. Introduction
2. Defining Creativity
3. Nature and Characteristics of Creativity
4. The Creative Process
5. Theories of Creativity
6. Creativity and Level of Aspiration
7. Creativity Development
8. Creative Thinking
9. Conditions Required for Creativity in Classroom Teaching
10. Conditions Required for Classroom Creativity
11. Creativity in the Classroom Setting
12. Training Required to be Given to Teachers
13. Nurturing and Stimulation of Creativity
14. Creativity in Children
15. Identification of Creative Individuals
16. Creativity and Education
17. Creativity and Intelligence
18. Motivation and Creativity
19. Imagination and Creativity
20. Creativity and Personality
21. Creativity Tests — Today’s Need
22. School Tasks in Helping and Fostering Creativity Among The Children
23. Blocks to Creativity
24. Research and Development of Creativity
25. Educational Implications of Creativity


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Dr. Usha Rao


Himalaya pub