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Data Structures (AP Univ)


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This book aims to beginners who are learning Java and Data Structure. While teaching Java and Data Structure, we felt that there is a need of balanced book on the subject. In fact, this is the main impetus for writing this book. This book is designed for a semester course according to various University syllabi. It is suitable for courses based on algorithms and data structures. The prerequisite for using this book is middle level knowledge of Java programming.

Algorithms in the book are presented in a way that readers can easily understand the method of solving problems. Most of the concepts in the book are illustrated by giving examples, allowing readers to visualize the processes being taught. This book introduces data structure in a concise, direct way. It emphasizes one key idea at a time, allowing students to identify and focus on critical concepts. It is designed to help students by introducing simpler concepts first and then gradually building complexity.

The clear, concise explanations encourage students to read and engage with the material. The book helps students become familiar with how to use, design, implement and analyze data structures, an important step on the path to becoming skilled software developers.


Contents –

1. Abstract Data Types
2. Stacks and Queues
3. Trees
4. Graphs
5. Searching and Sorting


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Harika Pothini,

S. Venkata Babji,

Sravya Lakshmi Malyala,

V. Rajyalakshmi


Himalaya pub