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Dimensions in Research


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This book present the emerging trends and challenges in various streams of research and would be useful to all type of researchers and would make available wealth of information at one place – for researchers in academia and industry. The language and presentation of the chapters are lucid and simple. This should stimulate further exploration, thanking and research in the areas of commerce, business and technology management among research scholars. The domains covered include interalia Human Resource Development and Management, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Tourism, Media and Entertainment, Micro Finance, Education, Training and Development, Ethics and value Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.

Contents :

1. Formulating of an Experiential Framework of Investment Matrix Based on Investor Behaviour
2. Opportunities and Challenges in Implementing IFRS in India
3. Green Marketing Initiatives for Global Competitiveness
4. Impact of Globalization on Tourism Sector
5. Media and Entertainment Industry in India – Prospects and Challenges
6. E-learning as a Tool for Enterprise-wide Training and Development
7. Opportunities and Challenges of E-commerce in Maharashtra State
8. A study of Impact of Language and Cultural Barriers for Managing Workforce Diversity
9. SHG and Microfinance – Accelerators for Rural India
10. Ecotourism for Sustainable Development
11. Retail Advertising Strategies in Growing Economy
12. Integrating Environment, Social and Governance Factors in Investment
13. Emerging Challenges of Customer Centric Banking
14. Innovative Rural Marketing through SHGs: Study of Project Shakti
15. Challenges and Initiatives on Work-life Balance – Issues Faced by Indian Women Professionals
16. Strategic Use of CSR for Sustainability
17. Emerging HRM Challenges Post Global Recession
18. Nine Gems of Mahatma Gandhi for Achieving Personal and Work-life Balance
19. Emerging Trends in HRM in the Third Millennium
20. New Dimension in India Urban Ratail Market
21. Community Based Water Resource Management for Sustenance in Urban and Rural India
22. Differential Marketing Strategies for Indian Urban and Rural Markets
23. Convergence of Education toward Human Value and Consciousness in Global Society
24. Risk Assessment Template for Bank Branches Preparatory to Basel II Compliance
25. Indian Banking Sector – Are They Ready for 2009?
26. Subaltern Inclusion for Sustainable Development in Post Globalization Era Emerging Imperatives
27. Managing Operational Risk in Bank Branches
28. From Insurance to Bancassurance Emerging Trends
29. New Horizons in HRD
30. Business Strategies for Global Competitiveness
31. Is Progress an Enemy of Environment?
32. Globalization and the Indian Experience


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