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Disaster Management


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The art of Management lies in “Managing the Unmanageable”. In this context “disasters” which are normally uncontrollable need to be managed effectively. The disasters which are not efficiently managed will do a lot of harm to the environment and the society. Natural hazards are universal reality and are perhaps inevitable, Natural or manmade disaster event will result in widespread human loss. It is accompanied by loss of livelihood or property causing human suffering and loss.

A disaster disrupts the normal functioning of the society. Time and again, we see the terrible toll that natural disasters inflict on vulnerable communities around the world. The environmental degradation and its impact on life is a matter of global concern. This book aims to create awareness among the readers on disaster management, the agencies involved in managing the disaster, risk management as well as the relief and rehabilitation. It also envisages the role of NGOs and the application of technology in detail. The role of government and the special act enacted also have been enumerated in a lucid manner which would be highly appreciated by the readers.


Contents :

1. Introduction
2. Disaster Response
3. Disaster Management Agencies and its Functions
4. Disaster Risk Management
5. The Relief and Rehabilitation
6. Disaster Recovery : Business Continuity Planning
7. Role of NGOs in Managing Disaster
8. Social and Psychological Dimension of Disaster
9. Technology and Disaster Management
10. Application in Disaster Management
11. Management of Disaster in India
12. The Future of Disaster Management


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M. Saravana Kumar


Himalaya pub