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Disinvestment – A Second Look


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This book, edited by Dr. M.G. Shirahatti and Dr. N.A. Mujumdar, is a collection of papers presented in a Seminar by the participants who are eminent experts from the academic field as well as those from the practical field like the Bombay Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Board of India, the Disinvestment Commission and a galaxy of entrepreneurs from the private and public sectors. The proceedings of the seminar highlight mainly the merits and demerits of disinvestment and the pros and cons of privatisation of public sector enterprises. The conclusions arrived at from this discussion urge the Indian policy makers to take a second look at the whole question of disinvestment instead of being led blindly by the theology of disinvestment. This book would be great use to students of economics and management professionals besides academicians and researchers in this area.

Book Content of Disinvestment – A Second Look
1. Inaugural Address
2. Keynote Address
3. Disinvestment of public sector enterprises-critical issues and challenges
4. Disinvestment as a philosophy of development
5. Disinvestment and Capital market
6. Public Sector Banks Vs. Private Sector banks
7. Financial Aspects and Valuation of Assets
8. A case study of Disinvestment-IPCL
9. Valedictory address

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Dr. M.G. Shirahatti,

Dr. N.A. Mujumdar


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