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E-Business and Accounting (Bangalore Univ)


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“Learn from the past, be prepared for the future, and live in the present”

As we move from modernity to cybernetic, the dawn of a new age is on the horizon. In the new age, established theories, frameworks and concepts are under challenge and a fresh breeze of discourse is blowing. In the developing economy like ours, the importance to Computerized accounting has been acknowledged by all, specially when optimum utilization of resources like time, is the crying need of the day.

It gives me great pleasure to present this first edition of “E-Business and Accounting” book which has been presented reader-friendly manner.

A distinct fracture of this book is that, it provides a penetrating and comprehensive analysis of the concepts, methods, steps and techniques in a simple and lucid style. Every effort has been made to give illustrations for the lucidity.

Being students friendly, is the unique feature of this book. The subject matter has been presented systematically which can enable the reader to matter the topics covered, without any additional guidance.


Contents :

Chapter – 1 E-Business
Chapter – 2 Hardware and Software for E-Business
Chapter – 3 Getting Started With Tally
Chapter – 4 Configuring Tally
Chapter – 5 Reports In Tally


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2017, 2016



B. Mariyappa


Himalaya pub