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Economic Systems and Micro Economic Theory


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The present book has been written for the students of B. Com. Pass, First Year, and B.A. Pass, First Year, of the university of Delhi. It covers the entire syllabus of the paper on “Economic Systems and Microeconomics Theory” in a comprehensive and exhaustive way.

Keeping I View the fact that the book is meant for first year students, the language of the book has been kept simple and treatment of the subject is lucid. All difficult concepts have been explained thoroughly in an easy manner and , for this purpose,liberal use of the diagrams has been made. For the benefit of the students, important definitions in all chapters have been highlighted separately in bold letters while important statements have been presented in italics. The discussion in each chapter is followed by a short summary of main points of the chapter under caption `Key Points`. For the practice of students, a set of questions (including questions asked at the University examinations) has been added at the end of each chapter.


Book Content of Economic Systems and Micro Economic Theory
SECTION A : An Overview of Economic Systems and Organisation
1. Central Problems of an Economy
2. Mode of Production
3. Feudalism
4. Capitalism
5. Socialism
6. The Indian Economic System
7. National Income and Product – Structure and Concepts
8. Circular Flow of Income
9. National Income Estimation
10. National Income Estimation in India
11. National Income Aggregates : Significance and Interrelationships
12. National Income and Economic Welfare
13. National Capital
14. Inequalities of Income and Wealth
15. Inequalities of Income and Wealth in India
16. Labour Force : Occupational Structure
SECTION B : Micro Economic Theory
17. Price Mechanism
18. Demand and Supply
19. Elasticity of Demand and Supply
20. Marshallian Utility Analysis
21. Indifference Curve Analysis
22. Basics of the Price Theory and Applications of Demand and Supply

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