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Economics, Business and Industrial Management


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Economics, business and industrial management was first published in 2003 and since then the book has received overwhelming response from the management students and the corporate groups. Requests over emails and phones have been made to me for improving the book for its 2nd edition.

The book exhaustibly covers all aspects of general management and therefore, all the students appearing for competitive examination after UG and PG levels of educations will find the book very useful and meaningful.

Book Content of Economics, Business and Industrial Management
Chapter 1: Economics
Chapter 2: Business Economics
Chapter 3: Macro-Economics
Chapter 4: Business
Chapter 5: Economic Development of India
Chapter 6: Policies and International Trade
Chapter 7: Nature and Importance of Management
Chapter 8: Evolution of Management
Chapter 9: Management-Society and Environment
Chapter 10: Functions of Management
Chapter 11: Organising Function of Management
Chapter 12: Staffing Function
Chapter 13: Direction and Leadership
Chapter 14: Controlling Function
Chapter 15: Communication
Chapter 16: Organisational Behaviour
Chapter 17: Production Management
Chapter 18: Production Planning
Chapter 19: Production Control
Chapter 20: Materials Handling, Plant Maintenance
And Quality Control
Chapter 21: Materials Management
Chapter 22: Factory Location and Layout
Chapter 23: Work Study and Work Measurement
Chapter 24: Human Resource Management
Chapter 25: Wage and Salary Administration
Chapter 26: Grievance, Discipline and Trade Unions
Chapter 27: Industrial Laws
Chapter 28: Management Information System
Chapter 29: Management and Electronic Commerce
Chapter 30: Safety and Environment Management
Chapter 31: Marketing Management
Chapter 32: Financial Management
Chapter 33: Entrepreneurship
Chapter 34: International ManagementQuestion Bank



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