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Effective Management Workout


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Case Study Method has a very important role in management education. It is widely accepted mode globally, yet there are several management training institution where cases are not emphasized mainly because of the inadequacy of suitable case literature reflecting local situations. This book meant for reducing this gap.

This book will be found useful by the management students of the various courses of the Indian Universities and the professional bodies, trainees of MDP/EDP of the public and private sectors, management faculty, trainers and also those who are interested in understanding the subtle nuances of management.


Book Content of Effective Management Workout
1. Banking Sector Reforms in India
2. Lakshmi N. Mittal – Morgan of 21st Century
3. Merger and Acquisition (M & A) by Indian Companies over their Foreign Counterparts
4. Relience Infocomm-Future Oriented Strategy
5. Relevance of ERP in the Organisational Resource Integration (ORI)
6. Future of Indian Insurance Market – The Changing Scenario
7. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) The Jet Airways Way
8. Khajane – A New Definition to Treasury Management System
9. Civil Society and ICT – Initiatives in Kerala
10. UTI Stretegy to Retain its Lost Status
11. E-Governance Projects in India – A Comparative Study
12. Implementating it Policies for Effective E-Governance Framework (Case – `Swarna` Andhra Pradesh)
13. National Policy on Information Technology (IT) – Need of the Hour
14. Infosys Foundation`s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
15. The Emerging Indian Banking Industry – IBA Initiatives
16. ERP-Potential Software for Resource Integration
17. ERP Challenges : The Indian Scenario Case – SAP Implementation at Bharat Petroleum
18. The Future of Financial Sector in India – A Case Study
19. SEI-CMM Implementation at Infosys for More Effective Management Practices
20. Knowledge Management (KM) : Present and Future Impact on Business Organisational Framework
21. Management of Information Challenges in the Century

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Dr. V.K. Singh,

Sudhanshu Joshi,

Vivek Kumar


Himalaya pub