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Emerging Market Economies


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Most of the large Asian economies sailed more smoothly through the turbulent years of the recent global financial crisis and continued to register noticeable growth rates. But some were more exposed to the financial vulnerabilities due to their closer relations with the developed countries where the crisis began.

This book contains a bunch of papers pertaining to the issues related to the emerging economies in general and the BRICS in particular. Some authors have focused more on the consistent performance of the emerging economies and the BRICS, particularly in the last decade. A couple of papers have touched upon the most prominent challenges facing these economies related to the exchange rates, inflation targeting, integration of domestic and the global financial system and so on.


Contents :

1. The Fourth Dimension
Dr. Shaila Dias
2. How Sinful is the `Original Sin`? Emerging Market Economies and External Vulnerability
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar
3. BRICS Trade − Triumph in Turmoil
Dr. Kashmira P. Mody
4. Emerging Concerns in Emerging Market Economies − A Case for Inclusive Growth
Dr. Marina B. Pereira
5. Three Conflicts in India`s Emerging Market Economy
Dr. Geeta Nair
6. Competitiveness of BRIC Countries in Merchandise Trade
L.G. Burange and Neha N. Karnik
7. Social Sector Inverstment: India vs. BRIC Club
Rajani Mathur
8. Performance and Prospects of Growth of BRIC Countries with Special Reference to India
Dr. Ritu Vashisht and Ritika Khurana
9. Canada`s Increasing Trade Relations with Emerging Market Economies: With Special Referenceto India and China
Dr. Ruby Ojha
10. Macroeconomic Performance and Public Policy: Brazilians Efforts for Sustainable Development
Prof. Flavio de Sao Pedro Filho, Prof. Irene Yoko Taguchi Sakuno and Jayashree Patil-Dake
11. Emerging Market Economies: A Decade of Macroeconomic Performance and Policy Measures
Aditi Abhyankar
12. Emerging Market Economies for Efficiency and Inclusiveness
Dr. Jahagirdar K.V.
13. External Vulnerabilities and Its Impact on Indian Economy
Yashwardhan Singh, Ruqayya Alvi and Deekhsha Shekhawat
14. Role of Venture Capital and Private Equity in India`s Economic Growth
Prashant Sawant
15. FII Runs the Index
Dr. V. Aditya Srinivas and Shital Mehta
16. Status of Emerging Market Economies – An Assessment
Dr. Suhas Sahasrabudhe, Prof. Ruchita Petkar and Dr. Sheela Sahasrabudhe
17. Musings on Poverty: Is Conserving Nature, A Natural Way Out?
Dr. Dolly Menon
18. Interstate Disparities in Economic Development in India: A Factor Analysis Approach
Ms. Anjali Masarguppi
19. FDI in Multi-brand Retail in India: Pros and Cons
Yashwardhan Singh, Ruquyya Alvi and Deekhsha Shekhawat
20. Development in Indian Money Market
Koel Roy Choudhury
21. Asia − Potential for Green Economy
Saahil Sundeep Waslekar
22. A Study on Marine Fisheries in Kanyakumari District − With Special Reference to Marketing and Socio-economic Condition of Fishermen
Capt.Dr. M. Venkataramanan and S. Ammani Ammal
23. India`s Foreign Trade − A Key Factor in the Development of India`s Economy
Amrita Anilkumar Agrawal
24. Rural Development: The Role of Banking Sector
Dr. Ankush L. More
25. Impact of NREGA on the Livelihood of Rural Poor with Reference to Selected States
Prof. Aarti Sukheja and Dr. Rinkoo Shantnu
26. Migrants` Remittances in India: Regional Impacts and Policy Issues
Chinmay Tumbe
27. An Assessment of the Restructuring of Public Finances at the National and Sub-national Finances in India in Post-Liberalisation Period
Apoorva A. Marathe
28. National Income versus Natural Resource Accounting: With Special Reference to India
Pushpa Trivedi
29. Emerging Market Economies − Trade, Investmet and Competitiveness
Disha Ashar
30. Recent Technological Developments on Agriculture in India
R. Vijaylakshmi


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