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Employee Engagement and HR Initiatives

The papers in this edited volume, “Employee Engagement and HR Initiatives” highlight on organisational initiatives towards companies employees engagement. Academicians and scholars have contributed article based on their research findings. Reputed executives have shared their experiences on how they do it in their organizations. Because the area is new, we found it relevant to publish the book that will contribute towards further research while helping the practitioners to work more on it getting new ideas from different sources. This is an attempt to bring the best out of the theory and practice on the issues and challenges relating to employee engagement. We expect this volume to be of great help for all of them who are concerned with subject.

Book Content of Employee Engagement and HR Initiatives
1. Real time Employee Engagement : Concept and Strategies
Prof. Dr. Guru Charan Patro
2. Correlates of Employee Engagement − A Study in CESU
Sonali S. Sahoo, P.K. Mohanty
3. Employee Engagement (An Imperative for Organisational Sucess)
Sushovit Mishra, R.N. Misra
4. The Real Essence and Key Drivers of Employee Engangement : An Evidence of Organisational Effort
Mr. Sukanta Mishra, Dr. Chandan Kumar Sahoo, Mr. Sitaram Das
5. Employee Engagment Initiatives in India − A Comparative Study With Reference To IT & ITES Organizations
Binita Panda, Leena P. Singh, Dr. S.C. Sahoo
6. Employee Engagement and Organisational Effectiveness : A theoretical Construct
Mr. Bijaya Kumar Sundaray, Dr. Santosh Kumar Tripathy
7. Employee Engagement − Key to Organisational Sucess
Dr. Padmalita Routray, Vandana Mohanty
8. Work Culture: A Comprising Tool for Employee Engagement
Kalpana Sahoo, Nihar Ranjan Agasti
9. Employee Enagagement − A Critical Review of Literature
Dr. Sujit Kumar Acharya, Vandana Mohanty
10. Understanding Employee Engagement − Concepts and Practices
Chinmay Kumar Podder
11. Employee Engagement and Retention Strategy
Dr. Mahendra Kumar Mohanty
12. Organisational Culture for Employee Engagement : A Study at VIOM Networks
Ms. Lopamudra
13. Transition from Employee Involvement to Employee Engagement as a Retentional Strategy
Ms. Susri Sangita Mohanty, Ms. Swati Mishra, Ms. Lopamudra Hati
14. A Sucess Story on Employee Engagement : A Case Study at Tata AIG General Insurance Company
Dr. (Mrs.) Pratima Sarangi, Mr. Sanat Kumar Patnaik
15. Employee Engagement as Retention Tool in Indian IT Sector
Subhasree Kar
16. Employee Engagement Practices in Services Sectors
Dr. Rayguru Kumar Shri Managesh Dash, Dr. B.N. Mishra
17. Work Culture & Employee Engagement
Tripti Jha
18. The Connotations of Employee Engagement for Organisational Bottom Line Results
Prof. Tapati Nandy, Barnishikha Das, Prof. Ramchandra Mahapatra
19. Retention through Engagement
Sitanshu Sekhar Das
20. Employee Engagement : Inthe Indian Context
Prof. Namita Rath, Prof.Sujata Rath
21. Work–Culture and Effective Employee Engagement : The Strategic Initiatives
Prof. Ajit Kumar Sahoo, Dr. Chandan Kumar Sahoo, Dr. Santosh Kumar Tripathy, Mr. Chandrakanta Sahoo
22. Employee Engagement and Demographic Characteristics in Orissa Power Transmission Corporation Limited(OPTCL)
Snigha Mohapatra
23. Employee Engagement : A Study at NTPC, Kanhia
Dr. S.C. Parida, Miss. Priyadarshini Hota
24. Retention and Engagement : A Desriptive Study
Dr. Sujit Kumar Acharya, Snighamayee Choudhury, Siddharth Shankar kanungo

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