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Engineering Physics (B.E. SEM-I) and Advanced Physics (B.E. Sem-II)


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This book is a compilation of solutions of each question papers of “Engineering Physics” and “Advanced Physics” of RTM Nagpur University Examinations of Winter-2012 to Summer-2015 separately for the course of B.E First & Second semester.

The Philosophy of presentation of the material and compilation of solutions of the university question papers in the book is based upon decades of classroom interactions of the authors. The rook is written with a view to give a textbook that covers all the questions asked in university examination systematically. This will help the students to prepare for university examination. The : content in the book is presented in a simple and easy to understand style. The diagrams are neatly illustrated wherever required. This book would help the students to give in depth idea about the question paper pattern of the university and the expected answers. As each question paper is solved separately, it will give clear understanding and practice for solving individual question paper at a stretch.

The Engineering Physics & Advanced Physics are challenging,, with a curriculum designed to stretch the mind. These subjects help in conceptual visualization of new frontiers in engineering and technology and their attainment for the benefit of mankind. It prepares the students for challenging careers in industry, R&D institutions, advanced studies in engineering, science and technology, as well as entrepreneurship in future developments.


Contents :

Engineering Physics
1. Engineering Physics (Winter-2012)
2. Engineering Physics (Summer-2013)
3. Engineering Physics (Winter-2013)
4. Engineering Physics (Summer-2014)
5.Engineering Physics (Winter-2014)
6. Engineering Physics (Summer-2015)
Advanced Physics
7. Advanced Physics (Summer-2013)
8. Advanced Physics (Winter-2013)
9. Advanced Physics (Summer-2014)
10. Advanced Physics (Winter-2014)
11. Advanced Physics (Summer-2015)


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Dr. Aruna A. Dani,

Dr. Asmita D. Deshpande,

Mr. Nilesh S. Ugemuge,

Ms. Smita C. Tolani


Himalaya pub