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English Guide Cum Workbook (Telangana Univ)


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This GUIDE CUM WORKBOOK is based on the book ENGLISH MADE EASY prescribed by Osmania University for students pursuing the First year (Semester I) Under Graduate course. It is a user-friendly one. It is designed to give students a taste of all the different genres of the language and help them hone all the vital skills. The book is designed for Semester I and comprises 4 Lessons. Each Lesson has carefully designed components of language to facilitate a holistic understanding of the language and hone the necessary skills.

This GUIDE CUM WORKBOOK has been designed to help students handle the examination paper set by Osmania University and is based on the pattern prescribed by the university.

In addition to language skills, the book includes much needed Soft Skills and Value Orientation. Efficiency in language alone is not enough to progress in life.

All the examples and exercises given have a bearing on the student’s life at present and in the future.

English as a subject combines all the crucial skills like listening, speaking, reading, writing, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and soft skills. The acquisition of these skills is facilitated through prose, poetry, drama, fiction, short stories and biographies. As a subject, English has been introduced acrosss our country right from school to the post graduate level in various forms. Introducced as a subject at the school and college level, it advances to Business communication, Technical writing and Creative writing at an advanced level. The intention is to help students hone the language skills required to meet the expectations of the business environment nationally and globally.


Contents –

1. Short Fiction : The Curb in The Sky by James Thurber
2. Prose : Happy People by W.R. Inge
3. Poetry : A Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
4. Drama : The Dear Departed (An Extract) by Stanley Houghton



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2016, 2017


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Jayashree Murthy


Himalaya pub