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English Pedagogy- Approaches and Applications


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Transacting the curriculum of English language is very challenging in a diverse country like India. Teaching and learning of English depends upon the socio-cultural context of the learners, their exposure to the language as well as their inclination towards the language. Children in India are not native users of the language, and so also not the teachers. Hence, there is a need for teachers to acquire impeccable accuracy in lingusitic and communicative proficeicy as well as an indomitable spirit to adopt and adapt suitable pedagogies to stimulate learning among the learners.

Teachers ought to know the various approaches that would facilitate language acquisition in learners. During the span of my experience in the field and my research in various progressive pedagogies, I have realized that mere knowledge of such pedagogies would not really help English teachers to develop language proficiency among learners. More attention needs to be paid to contexual factors and learners needs in order to adopt and adapt various approaches and pedagogies.

A language cannot and should not be taught like any other subject. Languages aim at linguistic as well as communicative competence. Hence, the focus of teaching English should be developed for essential skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. However, this is not the case in most schools in India. Language teachers ought to have the know-how of not only developing these skills, but also of assessing the laerners proficeincy in them.


Contents –

1. Academic Disciplines
2. Theories of Language Leaning
3. Approaches to Language Instruction
4. Techniques and Skills for Language Instruction
5. Contribution of Indian Authors to English Literature
6. Teaching the Different Aspects of Language
7. Teaching the Four Skills- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
8. Assesement of Vocabulary, Grammer, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
9. ICT in Assesement
10. Characteristics of a Good Language Text Book
11. References


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