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Essentials of Managerial Economics


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Managerial Economics has become a specialised branch of study as principles and methodologies of economics are increasingly applied in managerial decision-making.

Besides providing basic aspects of economics, information is provided on, issues concerning profit measurement, and economic optimisation. Other macro economic aspects like Fiscal and Monetary Policies, Balance of Payments are also added to the text, keeping in view the changes in curriculum of M.B.A. and M.Com. courses of different universities. The book is comprehensive in analysis and is written is easy and understandable style. Study questions are given in the end of each chapter. We invite readers to inform us the deficiencies of the book for improve the quality of the book subsequent edition.

Contents :

1. Meaning and Scope of Managerial Economics
2. Objectives of The Firm
3. Demand Analysis
4. Linear Programming
5. Production Analysis
6. Cost Analysis
7. Supply Analysis
8. Market Structures
9. Revenue Analysis
10. Equilibrium of A Firm Under Perfect Competition
11. Pricing Under Monopoly and Monopolisitic Competitions
12. Oligopoly
13. Pricing Methods, Policies And Practices
14. Profit Management
15. Theories of Wages
16. Economic Optimization
17. Capital Budgeting
18. Input-Output Analysis
19. National Income Analysis
20. Business Cycles
21. Income, Price Level and Employment
22. Macro Economic Policies
23. Balance of Payments


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Asha Ganesh,

Dr. P.N. Reddy,

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah


Himalaya pub