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Events and occasions are an integral part of human life. We simply cannot bypass them as they touch almost all aspects of our social existence. Birthday celebrations, social gatherings, engagements and weddings are events we celebrate at the personal level.

During academic years there are school events such as annual day functions, inter and intra school contests, sports day celebrations, followed by college and university level festivals. In the sphere of work, there are annual general meetings, exhibitions, marketing campaigns, conferences, product launches and brand development activities. Other events such as fashion shows, cultural programs, talent hunt shows, promotional campaigns, religious gatherings and so on also play an important role in our life.

And what’s more, all of us have been a part of these events from time to time. We either organize these events or take part in the show. Either ways we want these occasions to go on as per our expectations and in doing so we often seek professional help. However, we do not pay much heed to the people who assiduously put in their effort and creative talent to make these events memorable and successful. They are the event managers.

Event management is a multifaceted activity. Major constituents of this profile include creativity, meticulous planning, relationship management, advertising and marketing and much more, all rolled into one seamlessly choreographed process.

Events, conferences and so on. Talented youngsters who want to leave their mark in this industry have numerous avenues. One of the professions that have become popular and gained international recognition is the arena of event management.

The book is intended to be a ready reckoner for teachers who opt to impart knowledge to the students in event management. The desire to compile text came from the fact that not much literature on the same could be got from books. Since the college has incorporated this subject as part of a value addition package to students, I considered it worthwhile to put forth my views on the subject.

The book basically starts with understanding event categories that are in vogue. It includes the need for event management, the five c’s of events, event designing and event marketing.

The book basically starts with understanding event categories that are in vogue. It includes the need for event management, the five c’s of events, event designing and event marketing.

The text also includes various examples of events. Examples of events have been gathered from newspapers and websites. Various examples of live events hosted have been included in order to add clarity and understandability to the various concepts dealt with under event management.

In the end, we have also included a motivational case study for the benefit of the students willing to pursue higher education in the field of event management.

Students who have directly involved in events have also made their valuable contribution to the formation of the subject matter of this textbook.

The content of the book has been strengthened by the experiences drawn in this regard through my indirect involvement with the events of social nature.

Event management is an industry that is on the move. An exponential growth in events such as talent-hunt competitions, music concerts, fashion shows, academic functions, exhibitions, trade fairs, religious gatherings and the like have fuelled the demand for talented event managing personnel. The demand for creative and result oriented event managers is going to continue in the near future.

Off late our country has started getting more and more media coverage and recognition abroad. Further, the cine industry has started hosting mega annual events at international venues. This has greatly improved the scope for people engaged in the event management industry to try their luck in international market.

We hope that this book serves as a useful guide to the students for exploring avenues to events as part of their professional or personal lives.

Contents :

1. Introduction to Event Management
2. Events as a Marketing Tool
3. Event Organizers
4. Activities in Event Management
5. Events – Examples


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