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Yoga means different things to different people because it encompasses various aspects that affect individual life. It has been accepted widely as complete holistic formula for health, wellness and stress management. Yoga is a way of life and not just a physical exercise. I believe that we as Yog sadhaks are learners and should only compete with ourselves to be better and better physically, mentally and spiritually.

In this age of information explosion, there is so much material in print and electronic media on Yoga that one is lost in the maze. There are celebrity CDs, websites with films, books, television channels and mushrooming Yoga classes carrying individual styles as their own inventions. Power Yoga, Dance Yoga, Hot Yoga, Aesthetic Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga are just some of them among Hatha Yog and Ashtanga Yoga as only traditional forms.

This book offers simple, easy to follow steps in the form of procedure, illustrations, benefits and limitations. It is a combination of Asans, Pranayams and Meditative postures for the body, mind and soul specially created from different Yoga masters for an everyday working person to remain fit and fine. When you are at peace with yourself, you will be at peace with the world around you. Today’s busy working men and women would like to stretch their working life and increase productivity at work and home without taking a toll on their health. This book is targeted for all men and women, boys and girls who want to maximize their potential at work.


Contents :

Benefits of Yoga
Preparation for Yoga
Dos and Don`t`s
How to Use the Book
1. Power of Prayers
2. Warming up
3. Suryanamaskar
4. Pranayams
5. Stretching – Upper and Lower Body
6. Floor Exercises
7. Four Pillars of Yoga
8. Prayer to Lord Patanjali
(a) Index of Ailments and Asans
(b) Asans and Benefits
(c) Asan and Upasan
(d) List of Asans, Pranayams, Kriyas with Benefits
(e) Disease Specific Asans with Sketches
(f) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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