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Financial Accounting Text and Problems

‘Financial Accounting, Text and Problem’ presents an all-encompassing and up-to-date discussion of the fundamental accounting concepts and principles and their uses in a logical, concise, clear and lucid manner. The present text has been written with the primary objective of providing a comprehensive, useful, flexible and well presented book to serve the complete needs of B.Com. (Hons.) and B.Com. students of Indian universities and management institutes.The book contains many pedagogical features such as the following.

– Each chapter begins with a set of learning objectives focused on the major issues covered in the chapter.

– The coverage in the chapters concisely addresses more substantive and topics for commercial and industrial enterprises.

– The book has more and better solved practical problem then the competitors.

– Chapter conclude with assignment material, short answer theory questions and practical problems. These end-of-chapter materials cover full spectrum of the chapter text, test understanding of the chapter contents and tie directly with the text in terminology, setup and difficulty level.

– All the theory questions and the solved practical problems given in the text have been taken from B.Com.(Hons.) examination of University of Delhi, CA (Professional Competence Course Examination), ICWA (Intermediate)examinations.

– An Appendix containing objective type question along with the answers has been given at the end of the book to help students assess understanding of the financial accounting knowledge.The objective type question given are True/False Question, Multiple Choice Questions and Fill in the Blank Question.

– Solutions Manual, as a supplement to the text, Provides complete solution to all the practical problems contained in the concerned chapters of the book.



Part – I : An Overview of Financial Accounting
1. Financial Accoubnting : Nature and Scope
2. Basic Accounting Concepts and Financial Statement
3. Accounting Standards
Part – II : Recording of Tranctions and Preparation of Final Accounts
4. The Accounting Framework and Transaction Analysis
5. Accounting Process – I : Journalization
6. Accounting Process – I


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1842 (In Grams)

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Dr. Jawahar Lal,

Dr. Seema Srivastava


Himalaya pub