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Financial Education and Investment Awareness (Sem 3, Sem 4 NEP)


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It gives us a great pleasure indeed to present before you a very relevant, useful and sublime text book on the national education policy based programme. The skill enhancement compulsory course (Skill based) is hereby prescribed by the Karnataka State Higher Education Council for all the disciplines or across the disciplines consisting of Humanities, Science, Home Science, Commerce and Management and so on. The title of the skill based subject is “Financial Education and Investment Awareness” (FE & IA). This subject is to be taught either in third semester or fourth semester of all under graduate programmes in the state of Karnataka.

The purpose of this subject as skill enhancement mechanism is to provide the foundation for effective financial decision making, to create awareness about different savings and investments alternatives available for a common man. It is also to sensitize the students and readers to have a comprehensive overview of stock markets and stock selections. In addition the mutual funds market understanding is emphasized.

The text book contains rich information and knowledge receptacles in that theory and practical modules are well articulated. The progress of any country dependents on a sound financial system. The financial system should be backed by breadth, length and depth of sub – systems, tools, framework leading to the individuals, societal and national socio-economic development. Finance is the life blood of every individual or any organization or an association. How to acquire, apply and appreciate the value through decision making are analytically portrait in the text book in the context of the given syllabus envisioned by the Academicians, Researchers, Professionals and Luminaries from National Stock Exchange and other International Stock Exchanges.

The students after undergoing the subject must be able to understand the foundation for finance such as financial planning, linking of life goals with financial goals, types of bank deposits, banking products, reading of financial statements, knowing the time value of money which are envisaged in the first module. On investment management, the reader is sensitized on investment goals and objectives, risk profiling, risk diversification, investment and saving alternatives for a common investors, health, life and general insurance products, retirement and pension scheme, PM – SYM Yojana, PMLVMY, PMKMDY and so on schemes, working of stock market, participants, fundamental and technical analysis parameters are well expounded in the second module.

In the third module the overview of mutual funds and financial planning essentials consisting of identification of fund houses in India, schemes and plans of each mutual fund house, calculations of NAV, MF fact sheet, and preparation of financial plan as skill development exercises are provided in the text book.

For each theory modules, the relevant practical modules are provided, knowing, learning and doing will go hand in hand from this skill enhancement compulsory course prescribed by the council as per the NEP initiative.

The book is reader friendly and very good for non – commerce and non – management programme for students in that the financial education and investment awareness concepts, tools, framework, authorities and regulatory bodies working are presented in a simple, lucid and non-technical way. In the course of the preparation of the book, some discrepancies might have appeared due to inadvertence and the readers are welcome to add to the existing information of the text book.


Contents –

1: Foundations for Finance
2: Investment Management
3: Mutual Funds and Financial Planning Essentials


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Dr. K. Ramachandra,

Prof. Alla Bakash S.,

S. Nagabhushana,

Smt. A. S. Geetha Bai


Himalaya pub