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Financial Markets, Institutions and Services (Orissa Univ)


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The Indian financial system has been increasingly influenced in recent times by financial innovations in terms of products and instruments, adoption of modern technologies, opening up of the financial markets to the global economy, streamlining of the regulatory framework and so on. In the aftermath of this changing financial scenario, students of humanities are badly in need of a suitable book covering all these aspects and incorporating the latest developments in the respective fields.

Realising the imperative need to bring out a suitable book on “Financial Markets, Institutions and Services” tailored to meet the specific requirements of students of Orissa, Ravenshaw and nearby Universities, a modest attempt has been made to present this edition in the hands of the academic community. The speciality of this volume is that all the matters are presented in a lucid manner and in simple language. All latest developments have been covered and above all, it is most student-friendly. This book owes its consummation to various distinguished personalities who have expressed their views on this subject in different books, journals, magazines and papers.


Contents –

1. Financial System
2. Money Market
3. Primary Market/New Issue Market
4. Secondary Market/Stock Exchange
5. Financial Institutions – Commercial Banks
6. Development Financial Institutions
7. Non-Banking Financial Institutions
8. Mutual Funds
9. Merchant Banking
10. Leasing
11. Hire Purchase
12. Factoring
13. Venture Capital
14. Credit Rating


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Dr. K. Natarajan,

Prof. E. Gordon


Himalaya pub