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First Step Toward The Stock Market in India


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InFin Advisory Services Private Limited (IASPL) set up in the year 2005 is one of the companies dealing in Advisory Services in the field of Stock Markets in India.

We give advisories in trading in the equity, debt and derivatives instruments, etc., to the investors. IASPL has a strong team of analysts and advisors for giving customized advisories to the investors. The analysis and information gathered from our end, to the investors has helped in gaining profits to the retail investors across the nation. At IASPL, it has always been our endeavour to continuously upgrade the skills and proficiency of the Indian investor. Since, financially literate investors are the backbone of the securities market, knowledge and awareness about the securities market is of the foremost concern to us, starting with the most basic of information being made available as the first step.

We therefore present to you, this book, “First Step Towards The Stock Markets in India” in simple English format, prepared for those of you who are keen to acquire some basic and key information about the functioning of stock markets in India and also taking a First Step towards investing in it. A major step towards becoming a more informed and clever investor.

We hope to clear major doubts and queries of the stock markets through this book and hope that we are successful, in inculcating a good habit of investing and saving, in you. Anyone who has any doubt or queries which may not have been answered in this book may feel free to contact us on the numbers provided in this book, or you may feel free to write to us any of your suggestions/queries, etc., and send it to our registered office address mentioned at the end of this book. The website name is: www.infin.co.in


Book Content of First Step Toward The Stock Market in India
1. Basics Of Earnings
2. Investments
3. Securities` Market
4. Primary Market
5. Secondary Market
6. Instruments In The Secondary Markets
7. Depository
8. Mutual Funds
9. Clearing And Settlement
10. Company Affairs
11. Corporate Analysis
12. Ratio Analysis
13. Share Trading
14. Risk Management
15. Funds Management
16. Wealth Accumulation
17. Income Tax in India
18. Vital Information

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