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Fracturing Indian Power Sector


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This book is for anybody who is accountable for the performance of other people besides his own performance. It is intended to help every individual in the organization who finds himself inseparable part of the profit equation of the organization. Apart from this, it may also prove to be a handy volume for research students willing to explore the productivity problems in Service Sector organizations, and hence can be extensively used by the students of Engineering and Management Science institutes. It is needed to be specifically mentioned here that this book clearly distinguishes the management of manufacturing industries and that of the service sector industries. While the major concern in the manufacturing industries is `machines management`, in service industries it is the `human management`. There is vast difference between the `technical input` of the manufacturing industries and the `human input` of the service industries.

Book Content of Fracturing Indian Power Sector


  1. Privatization of Power Sector
  2. Consumer Satisfaction in Integration
    of Supplier Consumer Relationships
  3. Consumers` Grievances Handling and Control
  4. Killing the Golden Goose
  5. Evaluation of Factors Associated
    with Job Satisfaction
  6. Performance Management in Power Sector
    (Methodological Approach to Sub-divisional Reforms)
  7. HRD : Concepts and Training Needs for Power
    and Service Sector Personnel
  8. An Analytical Approach to Commercial Losses
  9. Controlling Corruption in Public Sector
  10. Energy Loss Check Through System and
    Human Resource Control – A Modular Approach
  11. Successful Realization of Change Strategies
    and Managing the Consistency of Human
    Resource Performance



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