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Fundamentals of Money and Banking


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This book on Money And Banking is a unique contribution from an author who has many books on Capital and Money Markets and on Finance, and a Retired Adviser on Money And Banking in the RBI.

Firstly, this book integrates Money and shows how money is the basis and mother of E-Banking. Bank deal with money and near money assists borrowing and lending of money and offering related service. Secondly, it present the money in its various shapes and forms and shows how liquidly and solvency which are the basic tenets of banking are provided by money and liquidity in the economic system. Money is the bread and butter of banking. Thirdly it brings together the domestic value of money with the external value of money whose values are to be presented jointly by the RBI in its fundamentals tasks. This book presents the picture of the latest trends in banking with a view to bring about the move to globalization and deregulation of the Indian economy. Another aspect to money and banking is the price of money and borrowing and lending rates which are discussed in this book. The Author, having compiled the components of money supply and having analysis the Balance sheets of the RBI and banks, is best suited to deal with this subject.

The existing on the subject is dealt with as pert of commerce and did not lay adequate attention to the Money as part of part of banking and incusing growth of banking did not comprise money and did not give its due importance. The existing book on the subject lased more emphasis on law and practice of banking and principle of banking etc. but not on money as an integral part of banking. This book attempts to bridge this gap in existing literature and give a new dimension to be adopted by the Indian Banks Association and by the banks in their training programmers and college and universities teaching commerce and finance. It integrates banking with money and finance domestic and foreign value of money and money assets can be borrowed and lent are a part of this book. Is best suited to the students in commerce and Finance streams-graduates and undereducated and competitive examination, diplomas in banking, C.A. and CS etc. It is written in a lucid and simple style at both basic and advanced levels.


Contents :

1. Supply of Money
2. Components and Sources of Money
3. Theory of Demand for Money
4. Domestic Value of Money
5. Quantity Theory of Money
6. Changes in Value of Money
7. Role of Money in the Economy
8. Reserve Bank of India as note Issue Authority
9. The Mother of Money (Reserve Money)
10. Theory of Monetary and Banking Control
11. The Father of Money (Regulation and Control)
12. Commercial Banking
13. Principle of Banking
14. Credit Creation by Banks
15. Credit Controls
16. Money and Interest Rates
17. The Colour of Money (External Value of Monies)
18. Banks as Intermediaries
19. Credit Cards and Banks (Plastic Money)
20. Retail Banking Reforms




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