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Genetics Vol II


The chapters in the two volumes are grouped into units. In volume I, unit 1 deals with chromosome structure, unit 2 with the interaction of genes, unit 3 with extrachromosomal inheritance and linkage and crossing over, unit 4 with the genetic of sex, unit 5 with nucleic acids and unit 6 with mutations. In volume II, unit 7 covers genetic recombination, unt 8 protein synthesis, unit 9 gene regulation, unit 10 genetic engineering and unit 11 special topics such as somatic cell genetics, genetics of cancer, developmental genetics and chromosome mapping. The objective of the volumes is to give an overview of genetics, laying emphasis on the experimental basis of key discoveries. The very rapid pace of discovery in molecular genetics during the last couple of decades has been reflected in the more extensive treatment given to chapters on RNA, replication, gene structure, transposition and gene regulation, genetic engineering; genetics of cancer and developmental genetics. With the shifting of emphasis from prokaryote to eukaryote genetics, a separate as well as comparative treatment of two divisions is included in several chapters.

The two volumes of ‘Genetics’ are directed towards all different courses in biological sciences : botany, zoology, microbiology, biochemistry, biophysics and biotechnology. With this objective, examples have been given from all these disciplines. Inclusion of examples from human genetics, including human genetic disease genes and molecular pathology, will also make the volumes useful for medical students.


Contents –

Unit 7
19. Genetic Recombination I : Types of Mechanisms
20. Genetic Recombination II : Transformation
21. Genetic Recombination III : Conjugation
22. Genetic Recombination IV : Transduction
23. Genetic Recombination V : Transposition
Unit 8
24. Protein Synthesis I : Transcription
25. Protein Synthesis II : Translation
26. Protein Synthesis III : Genetic Code
Unit 9
27. Gene Regulation I : Prokaryotes
28. Gene Regulation II : Eukaryotes
Unit 10
29. Genetic Engineering I : Basic Techniques
30. Genetic Engineering II : Applications
Unit 11
31. Somatic Cell Genetics
32. Chromosome Mapping
33. Developmental Genetics
34. Genetics of Cancer


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