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Life Skills (Volume – I)


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This book really stands as a platform for teachers, teacher-educators, would-be teachers, researchers and also for B.Ed. and M.Ed. students to understand and know the variety of views on the subject of life skills.

Education in any society becomes meaningful only when it fulfills the objective of developing the whole personality of children; and for this, the teachers should have thorough knowledge of the individual differences, the needs of children and that of the parents too! In fact, education is that process through which a child is developed into individuality and the individual into a personality. It has been rightly said by Dr. Radhkrishnan that until and unless we have dedicated and committed teachers, we cannot have good teachers and good education system. Truely speaking, when I started teaching B.Ed. students, there was no subject entitled ‘Micro-Teaching’. Thereafter, there came ‘Model of Teaching’ and then ‘Value-education’ and ‘Peace Education’, ‘Simulation’, ‘Globalization’, etc. Now, the flow is towards Life Education. All this means that a teacher-educator has to be a good learner always! A prospective teacher too needs to be exposed to all kinds of facts in his/her concerned field.

It is sincerely felt that this book will provide a platform for teacher-educators, researchers, thinkers, writers, teachers and also for B.Ed. and M.Ed., students to learn the variety of views on the subject of ‘Life Skills’. The development of life skills helps the learners to overcome the pressure of challenges in life in different situations. In order to enable the students to achieve excellence in every sphere of life, the International Education Commission (1996) formulated global goals of education in order to fit the child into the mould of a complete man to give him/her a better training in life skills. Life skills approach strengthened the ability of a person to evolve along with the needs and changing demands of the globalised society.

Contents :

1. Life Skills
2. Life Skill Education
3. Life Skill education for Personality Development
4. Emotional Intelligence and Life Skill Education
5. Need of Spirituality in Life Skill Education
6. Life Skills and Value Education
7. Life Skills and Time Management
8. Life Skill Education and




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