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Global Dharmic Management


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Wisdom is distinguished from knowledge. Wisdom leader needs firm base in the awareness of the cosmic law and order as the starting point. Wisdom is born in the heart, knowledge is born in the head.

Dharmic Management emphasises wisdom in the managerial leaders and in the people of the entire organisation. We want to cultivate Total Quality Mind as a counterbalance to the Total Quality Management. Total Quality Mind Atman uses Indian psycho-spiritual processes to practise working without greed with superordinate goal of lokasangraha for the world`s welfare. Total Quality Mind can provide a deciding factor of Total Quality Management in the objective field of offering products and services of excellent quality to customers. Total Quality Mind is based on ethico-moral and spiritual values. Dharma

* Dharmic Management calls for the cutivation of right brain, the integrating, synthesising part of consciousness, developing the `feminine` side in each of us which is otherconcerned, holistic.
Let us regard the world as a grand moral gymnasium (as proposed by Swami Vivekananda) for strengthening one`s ethico-moral and spiritual self. This is the adventure of consciousness which Dharmic Management is advocating the 21st century M.B.A`s, corporate and political leaders, student community and academic seers in the Global Economy.
* Dharmic Management wants to unite secular and sacred, object and subject, skill and value, material and ethicomoral progress. It seeks a new global society cherishing noble values, human respect, care and love for others, enthusiasm in promoting ecological and social good.
* Dharmic Management has the unique capacity to integrate and harmonise the Indian Wisdom and Insight with the best Western Management knowledge and skills. The happy marriage of Western and Eastern Management shall assure harmony, happiness to the Humanity of the Global Economy.
* The adoption of Holistic Approach now grants the acceptance of Consciousness (The Psychic Being) as the solid foundation of management leading to a New Model of Global Dharmic Management, and to a far more satisfactory integral solution for harmonising and resolving complexity and conflicts of modern life. Recognition of Conscience or Subject is the Master Key to future development in all branches of Global Economy. Now we have firms and corporations having mind, heart and soul.


Contents :

1. Indian Wisdom and Ethico-Morality (Dharma) Management
2. Holistic Value-Based Management
3. Indian Ethos for Dharmic Management
4. Social and Ecological Responsibility (Acid Test in Ethico-Moral Values)
5. Leadership in Global Dharmic
6. Total Quality Management
7. Consumerism/Consumer Protection / Business Response

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