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Global Human Growth Model


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Global Human Growth Model: How to Convert Every Human Being into An Asset.

1. It gives us great pleasure to bring to your attention in the New Millennium and New Century our latest and most prestigious publication. Global Human Growth Model, a 710 pages grand design and blueprint of human and social engineering, to change the human condition of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and human insecurity into global prosperity, peace, happiness and compassion through three fundamental Es – (1) Education for all, (2) Employment for all and (3) Energising all to realise their maximum and ultimate potential and thus converting every human being into an asset to the family, organisation, nation and the world.

2. Prof. M.N. Rudrabasavaraj, our author, renowned for his 20 books (and 600 articles, papers and case studies) used as text-cum-reference books in India, Asia and other countries and President and Executive Director, MNR Associates Pte Ltd, Singapore and Fellow of the World Confederation of Productivity Science, has made many contributions to the body of knowledge on Human Growth and Development, Global Management. Strategies of Economic Development through his academic and professional activities over the past three decades in USA, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, UK and Europe and other countries as a global management consultant, educator, researcher, speaker, author, teacher, executive and adviser.

3. In Global Human Growth Model, Prof. M.N. Rudrabasavaraj provides, in eleven chapters, a whole range of discussions and recommendations to Governments and world bodies like UN, World Bank, ILO etc. in the world of human growth and development, Global Human Resources Inventory and Exchange, identifying the potential of every human being and developing their potential through 3 Pillars of Human Growth, education for all, employment for all and energising all to realise their ultimate potential with the help of 10 Step of Pyramid of Human Growth and the Gobal Human Growth Wheel, that encompasses the whole process of the Model. Prof. Rundrabasavaraj develops standards and targets through Global Human Growth Index in order to rank the nations on their achievement of human growth. He advocated Global Cooperative Advantage as the strategy to cooperate.

Contents :

1. The Human Condition
2. The Concept of Human Growth
3. The Philosophy of Human Growth
4. Global Human Resources Inventory – The First Stage
5. Global Human Growth Model I – Education for All
6. Global Human Growth Model II – Employment for All
7. Global Human Growth Model III – Energising All
8. Global Human Growth Research
9. Global Human Growth Index
10. Global Cooperative Advantage
11. Global Human Growth Vision and Future


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