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The corporate world is in the process of transformation driven by human resources and globalisation. We all do business today in a highly networked world. Organisations have started considering their employees as an inevitable asset − “The Human Capital” Corporations across the world are taking coherent and integrated efforts to develop their human assets. They intend to create contemporary HR practices that focuses or developing their human resources. Human Resource Development functions are more strategically structured as a way to compete in the market by ensuring that their HRD efforts are linked with their business strategies.

This book is an endeavour to develop the conceptual skills of students to be able to integrate the contemporary practices in Human Resource Development. The chapters in this book critically analyses the concepts and issues to acquaint the student with the literature of this area. Through a series of special comprehensive cases, it provides the student with an opportunity to apply concepts and techniques to the real world corporate problems. The emerging field of Human Resource Development is analysed with conceptual fundamentals to be able to link it with business strategies.

Contents :

1. An Introduction to HRD
2. A Role of a HRD Professional
3. Development of HRD System
4. Performance Management System
5. Career Growth and Development
6. Training and Development
7. Evaluation of HRD
8. Management Development
9. Organisational Development (OD)
10. Organisational Development Process
11. Quality of Work Life
12. Learning Organisation
13. Organisational Effectiveness
14. Organisational Culture
15. HR and Other Subjects and Recent Trends in HR
Case Studies


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312 (In Grams)

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Dr. Lalitha Balakrishnan,

Ms. S. Srividhya


Himalaya pub