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Global Warming And Environmental Concerns


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INCONVENIENT TRUTH on global warming won the “Oscar” for Vice President A1 Gore and “Nobel Peace Prize” for him together with Dr. Panchauri. This brought global warming and its awareness on centre stage of world activities. The urgency of “impending disaster”, “combat equipments” and “future anxiety” requires clear understanding of “Environmental Concerns”.
The book “GLOBAL WARMING AND ENVIRONMETNAL CONCERNS” addresses these issues for possible solutions. It traces the past history of evolutions, explains variations in species. It also deals with essential principles of economics, management and legislations to evolve a “Global Action Plan” to preserve resources for future generations.
We have tried to use simple language while dealing with this complex subject. This is with the view that the different dimensions of the subject must reach the masses.


Book Content of Global Warming And Environmental Concerns
1. Introduction
2. Man and Environment
3. Society and Environment in India
4. Environment and Development
5. Ozone Depletion
6. Environmental Ethics-Need for Orientation
7. Essentials of Environmental Management
8. Major Environmental Issues in India
9. Development and Environmental Concerns
10. Environmental Economics and Urbanization
11. Time to Avert Impending Environmental Disaster
12. Global Warming: Changing Climate-Laws
13. Challenges of the Future
14. United Nations Conferences
15. Impact of KYOTO Protocol
16. Water Management
17. Educational Reforms through Environmental Education
18. Environmental Education and Development
19. Natural Resources
20. Energy Conservation
21. Bio-diversity
22. Sustainable Agriculture
23. Profile: Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri

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