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This book is designed to give practical knowledge in English grammar, help in acquiring good communication skills and equip the individuals to speak/write with confidence. It can be used by anyone who wishes to learn and improve English grammar. Special emphasis has been laid on all the following units:

Parts of speech; Kinds of nouns; Demonstrative adjectives and demonstrative pronouns; Kinds of verbs, Auxiliary and main verbs, Transitive verbs and intransitive verbs, Regular verbs and irregular verbs; Am−Is−Are−used as main verbs; Am−Is−Are as present continuous; Simple present Tense do−does−did; Simple past tense affirmative, negative, interrogative and negative interrogative; was−were as main verbs; was−were as past continuous; have−has possession have got and has got; present perfect; present perfect continuous; past perfect; past perfect continuous; simple future and future continuous; Future perfect and future perfect continuous; Little, a little, the little, few, a few, the few.

Active voice − passive voice; articles; infinitives; gerund; participle; Sentence Pattern; Interrogatives or questions; Tag questions; Relative pronouns; Defining and non−defining relative clauses; degrees of comparisons; prepositions; auxiliaries modals; Direct and indirect speech statements, Questions, imperative, exclamatory; Indirect and direct speech; conditional clauses; phrases and clauses; simple−compound−complex sentences; Agreement of the verb with the subject; the difference between make and do; personal pronouns; possessive adjective; possessive pronoun; reflexive pronouns and emphasizing pronouns; one word substitution.

The specialty of this book is to cover the complete units of grammar and in addition to that it deals with one word and another word, homographs, homophones and phonetics. Some of the books which I have referred are Grammar book by P.C. Wren and Martin, A Practical English Grammar by A.J. Thomson and A.V. Martinet, A Remedial English Grammar for Foreign Students by Frederick T. Wood, and The Advanced Learners Dictionary of Current English by A.S. Hornby.


Contents :

Unit: 1 Parts of Speech
Unit: 2 Kinds of Nouns
Unit: 3 Demonstrative Adjectives and Demonstrative Pronouns
Unit: 4 Kinds of Verbs
Unit: 5 Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
Unit: 6 Regular and Irregular Verbs
Unit: 7 Am, Is, Are − as Main Verbs
Unit: 8 Am, Is, Are − as Questions
Unit: 9 Am, Is, Are − as Present Continuous
Unit: 10 Simple Present Tense
Unit: 11 Simple Past
Unit: 12 Was/Were − as Main Verbs
Unit: 13 Was/Were − Past Continuous
Unit: 14 Have/Has (Possession) Have Got/Has Got
Unit: 15 Present Perfect Tense
Unit: 16 Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Unit: 17 Past Perfect Tense
Unit: 18 Past Perfect Continuous Tense
Unit: 19 Simple Future Tense and Future Continuous Tense
Unit: 20 Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continuous Tense
Unit: 21 Prepositions
Unit: 22 Articles
Unit: 23 Degrees of Comparison
Unit: 24 Possessive Case − Apostrophe
Unit: 25 Comparison of Adjectives
Unit: 26 Little + Uncountable Noun
Unit: 27 Active and Passive Voice-1
Unit: 28 Make and Do
Unit: 29 Personal Pronouns / Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns
Unit: 30 Reflexive and Emphasizing Pronouns
Unit: 31 Suffixes and Prefixes
Unit: 32 The Infinitive
Unit: 33 The Gerund
Unit: 34 The Participle
Unit: 35 Sentence Patterns
Unit: 36 Interrogatives or Questions
Unit: 37 Tag Questions
Unit: 38 Relative Pronouns
Unit: 39 The Auxiliaries − Modal Verbs
Unit: 40 Direct and Indirect Speech
Unit: 41 Indirect Speech to Direct Speech
Unit: 42 Agreement of the Verb with the Subject
Unit: 43 Conditional Clauses
Unit: 44 Phrases and Clauses
Unit: 45 Adjective Clauses
Unit: 46 Adverb Clauses
Unit: 47 Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences
Unit: 48 Combine Each Set of Sentences into One Simple Sentence
Unit: 49 One Word and Another Word
Unit: 50 Homographs
Unit: 51 Homophones
Unit: 52 Homonyms
Unit: 53 Prepositional Verbs
Unit: 54 Phonetics
Unit: 55 Periods of Time
Unit: 56 Non−metric Measures (With Approximate Metric Equivalents)
Unit: 57 Greetings and Salutations
Unit: 58 Air Travel Etiquette
Unit: 59 Ranks in the Armed Forces
Unit: 60 Telephoning − Manners
Unit: 61 Relationships
Unit: 62 Work and Jobs
Unit: 63 One−word Substitution
Unit: 64 Letter writing
Unit: 65 Precis−Writing
Unit: 66 Paraphrasing
Unit: 67 Punctuation
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