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This book is a compilation of all important aspects of the syllabus of the esteemed University of Mumbai for First Year Engineering (F.E.) Revised Course (2012-2013), Semester I, Subject: Environmental Studies. Efforts are made here to collect and arrange important points of all the topics stated in each Module therein the subject as well as their sub-topics to satisfy and justify aim of the subject: Environmental Studies. The care has been taken by giving emphasis on scientifically based knowledge, information and tried to the level best to present it in a much simplified manner, so that students can use this handbook as their quick-memorizer and ready reckoner.

The Case Studies as stated in the curriculum are also discussed in this text book with all important aspects of the same, so that the students can get most reliable data of the case studies.

Thus, this text book would prove itself to be most helpful and be most easier for students to do their preparation of the subject: Environmental Studies without much difficulty.


Contents :

Module 1: Multidisciplinary Nature of Environment Studies
Module 2: Sustainable Development
Module 3: Environment pollution
Module 4: Environmental Legislation
Module 5: Renewable Sources of Energy
Module 6: Environment and Technology
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Dr. Rajesh Ashok Samant,

Dr. Varadbal Gajanan Mhatre


Himalaya pub