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Higher Education And Developement


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The book entitled “Education and Development” contains 16 papers and is the outcome of a national level seminar on “Higher Education and Development” organized under my leadership at Kalimpong Degree College in May 1998 with a financial help received from the Ford Foundation, New Delhi.It is desired that the curriculum should be so designed as to provide the student community with highly specialized knowledge, skill, ideas and a perception for the future as well as a clear and a critical understanding of social, economic, cultural, moral, spiritual and developmental issues. Science and technology education should be intensified for the fullest development of agriculture, horticulture, foriculture, sericulture, forestry, animal husbandry and industries based on local raw materials.


Contents :

List of Contributors

  1. Why this Seminar?

– G.S.Yonzone

  • Higher Education and Development

– N.K.Gurung

  • Empowerment of Women

– Jaya Indiresan

  • Diversities in Institutions of Higher Education in India

– S.K.Kulshreshta

  • Education and Challenges of the 21st Century

– M.B.Pradhan

  • Educational Condition of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in India

– Debasis Dutta

  • Challanges of Higher Education for College Principals

– J.P.Nigam

  • Higher Education and Development in Sericulture

– N.K.Rizal

  • Relevance of Higher Educational Instituions and their Social Responsibilities

– B.L.Pradhan

  • Higher Education and Development in Horti-Floriculture

– M.s.Foning

  • Linkage between Educatin and Development in the Perspective of Darjeeling Hill Economy

– P.K.Roy

  • Development of Higher Education in Darjeeling Hill Region : Constraints and Possible Solution

– Despad Rai and Pravat Pradhan

  • The Purpose of Education

– A.S.Desai

  • Sleeping Giants

– Hari Gautam

  • Development Reforms : Role of Tea Farm in Rural Devlopment

– M.B.Tamang

  • World Declaration on Higher Education for the 21st Century : Vision and Action

– UNESCO, Paris, 5-9 October 1988


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