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How To Approach BMS Projects


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`How to Approach BMS Projects` is an attempt to facilitate the process of learning regarding projects. It helps the reader to understand how to initiate oneself into a project and carry it forward through its series of successive steps – project conception to project submission. It is directed primarily to BMS students, and teachers too, who need to be thorough with various aspects of `projects` which account for two full papers – one in the fifth semester and the other in the sixth semester of the third year of the BMS Course of University of Mumbai. This book identifies the role of projects in the learning process and then helps the students to understand various other aspects such as: meaning of research, research terminology, steps in preparation of project work and typical projects, project details, sources of data, classification of data, questionnaire and setting of hypothesis. It also presents typical results of hypotheses testing. The author has presented the entire subject matter on projects in a lucid manner and provides live examples of research work to draw home important points. `Project` in a management course should cut across all functional areas of management and also relate itself to the different steps in the management process. Of course, projects could have their own slant or focus in favour of one functional area as against others. This book has 18 chapters in all and the author has presented the work in a systematic manner, to reiterate, from project conception to project submission. Every concept involved in the process of preparing a project is supported by live examples. The book pays special attention to the nuances and subtleties governing presentation of the subject-matter and has devoted one full chapter on the same. In addition the book also provides a ready research reckoner at the end alongwith guidelines to prepare a bibliography. This will enable the reader to get an overview of inputs that go into research while preparing a project. This book should be useful to students and teachers of Bachelor`s Degree of Management Studies Course, University of Mumbai. Suggestions from teaching fraternity, student community and readers and concerned public at large are most welcomed to enchance the utility of this book.

Contents :

  • What is a Project?
  • What is Research?
  • Research Terminology
  • Types of Research
  • Steps in Preparation of Project Work
  • Typical Projects
  • Typical Details
  • Typical Projects Details
  • Typical Sources of Data
  • Typical Classification of the Universe
  • Typical Questionnaire
  • Typical Hypothesis
  • Typical Results of Hypothesis Testing
  • Typical Presentation of Data
  • How to Prepare Bibliography
  • SPSS
  • Research Ready Reckoner
  • Management Quotes
  • Tips on Research
  • Bibliography
  • Annexure
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